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Feb 16, 2012
@ 4:12 am

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Exploring Portland is tons of fun when I pair up with Tara. We always stumble upon some really cool finds in this city. We went to visit one of those finds today: a store named “Zimzum" on SE Ankeny St. After buying a pack of gum (coffee makes your breathe stink) i looked past another store which is now a hair shop to find a new Portland curio. Artemisia is a terrarium shop & supply store which holds workshops that allow the attendee to build their own terrarium. At first I thought, oh another cliche Portland trend but… this place is really neat. For $35 dollars you can walk out with your own terrarium that you build with guidance. The staff member who was busy building custom terrariums for two patient customers as they waited informed me that every member of the staff is an art major which explained why the back room of this place is a gallery (like most novelty stores in PDX). Still, watching her build these gorgeous, clear bubbles of fantastic I realized i might not have done as good a job as she which makes those workshops essential! I’m coming back here once I can afford it. 

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